Highlights from Ecosperity Week 2022

There are no returns from a dead planet. We stand at a watershed moment where actions taken today, to address the climate crisis, will define the future for generations to come.
Lim Boon Heng, Chairman, Temasek Holdings, in his opening remarks at Ecosperity Week 2022

Ecosperity Week 2022 took place on 7-9 June in Singapore, including the second edition of the Singapore Sustainable Investing & Financing Conference and a range of over 15 side events by like-minded partners.

Over three days, some 60 speakers from across the energy, transport, heavy and finance industries shared their perspectives and insights on the solutions that can help us accelerate action at scale towards our shared net zero goals. The hybrid event drew over 3,000 participants from around the world.

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Key Takeaways

The three-day event facilitated the sharing of key unlocks and opportunities in the net zero journey, through the many in-depth discussions, inspiring speeches and thought-provoking presentations from industry players across sectors and industries.

Many speakers spoke about the importance of greater clarity and certainty on policies, as well as for regulatory frameworks to be in place. At the same time, there was also great emphasis on near term action, even if current solutions may not be perfect.

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Report Launch

Launched at Ecosperity Week 2022, the Southeast Asia's Green Economy Report 2022 by Bain & Company and Temasek, with contributions from Microsoft, showcases where climate action is taking place in Southeast Asia today, where the top investable opportunities are, and the recommended key actions the region should take to drive acceleration of decarbonisation investment.

The report found that while the opportunities and the need to act are clear, there are impediments holding back the scaling of the green economy — namely, insufficient incentives to scale decarbonisation efforts quickly, a bias toward new solutions vs. proven, low-risk options, and a lack of clarity on system costs for energy transition. To address these concerns and accelerate and scale green investment, stakeholders in SEA need to act on four critical fronts — unlock opportunities in proven solutions; confront system costs for energy transition; strengthen green financing; and increase collaboration across the region.

Southeast Asia's Green Economy Report 2022
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Climate Trailblazers: Towards Net Zero -  Docuseries

Asia is the fastest growing region in the world, but it also accounts for almost half of all the world’s energy demand and is now the highest emitting region. But now Asia, and the world, are on a race to decarbonise.

The series spotlights the renewable energy transition taking place in Asia, the challenges and decarbonisation pathways for hard-to-abate sectors of aviation and maritime, and how carbon markets and private capital can catalyse breakthroughs and innovations in solutions for the climate crisis.

Watch the three-part Climate Trailblazers docuseries below or read more here.



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Highlights from Ecosperity Week 2022