Nikolaus Lang

Managing Director & Senior Partner
Boston Consulting Group

Nikolaus Lang is a Managing Director & Senior Partner with Boston Consulting Group based in Munich, Germany.

Nikolaus is a globally recognised expert in e-mobility, self-driving vehicles, car-sharing and fleet management. He is the Founder and Director of BCG´s Center for Mobility Innovation, a team of urban mobility experts and digital business builders. Nikolaus also leads BCG’s collaboration with the World Economic Forum, which is dedicated to shaping the mobility of the future and, in particular, to how autonomous vehicles impact the world’s metropoles.

Over the last 20 years, Nikolaus has authored a wide range of publications on mobility innovation. He is advising leading global automotive OEMs, suppliers, policy makers, and e-mobility services providers.

Nikolaus is a Professor of Business Administration at University of St Gallen, Switzerland.