Kavita Prakash-Mani

Mandai Nature

Kavita is CEO of Mandai Nature, which aims to advance efforts in wildlife and ecosystem conservation in Singapore and Asia, so people and wildlife can thrive with healthy ecosystems and vibrant communities. It protects threatened species from extinction linking in-situ and ex-situ efforts, addresses wildlife trade, protects and restores habitats such as tropical forests and wetlands, develops nature-based solutions for climate change, and works closely with local communities and organisations.

Prior to this, Kavita was the Global Conservation Director at WWF, driving the organisation’s strategies, developing and implementing key initiatives, and ensuring integration and alignment across WWF to achieve conservation impact globally.

Kavita was Executive Director of Grow Asia (a World Economic Forum initiative) in Singapore, a multi-stakeholder partnership platform supporting sustainable and inclusive agriculture development in Southeast Asia.

She also served as Head of the Food Security Agenda at Syngenta, responsible for embedding food security and sustainability into business activities across the company.