Ecosperity Conversations

Driving Asia’s Transition to Green Transportation: Opportunities for Investment and Impact

Decarbonising land transport, a sector accounting for one-sixth of global emissions, is key to our net-zero targets. In Asia, policymakers have beefed up incentives and subsidies to boost both supply and demand of electric vehicles (EVs); by 2030, Asia is expected to be the global hub for EVs, accounting for the largest market for EVs worth 700 billion to $750 billion USD.

However, infrastructure, talent and digital gaps; change management challenges, and a lack of integrated solutions to solve these challenges pose significant roadblocks to Asia's pivot to sustainable transportation. This is exacerbated by an uncertain macroeconomic environment and volatile geopolitical landscape. Presenters and panellists from across the EV value chain will shed light on Asia’s transition to decarbonised transportation – identifying levers for scaling of EV manufacturing as well as consumer and commercial adoption.

Join us on 27 June for a discussion on:

  • How OEMs have and could benefit from policies in China, India and Southeast Asia to scale EV manufacturing and adoption;
  • State of technology for EVs (e.g. battery, production capability) and infrastructure (e.g. charging, battery swapping) for EV adoption;
  • Barriers and opportunities to scale up consumer and commercial EV adoption for decarbonisation in the region.

This Ecosperity Conversations session is held in partnership with UBS. For enquiries, please contact us at

Image credit: Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash


Date: 27 June 2024

Time: 8.30 - 10:30 AM (GMT +8)

08:30 – 09:10
Registration and Breakfast Networking
40 mins
09:10 – 09:15
Welcome Remarks
5 mins
Keith Lin speaker frame
Keith Lin

Director, Ecosperity, Temasek

09:15 – 09:35
20 mins
Maggie Ye speaker frame
Maggie Ye

Managing Director, NIO Capital

Abanti Sankaranarayanan speaker frame
Abanti Sankaranarayanan

Chief Group Public Affairs Officer & Member of Group Executive Board, Mahindra Group

09:35 – 10:30
Panel discussion and Q&A
55 mins
Speakers and Moderator
Dean Cher speaker frame
Dean Cher

Head, Mobility, Sustainable Energy Solutions, SP Group

Mabel Kwan speaker frame
Mabel Kwan

Managing Director, Alton Aviation Consultancy

Vijay Pattabhiraman speaker frame
Vijay Pattabhiraman

Managing Director, Global Head of Energy & Transport Transition, Real Estate & Private Markets, UBS Asset Management

Harry Kim speaker frame
Harry Kim

Vice President, Investment (Mobility & Logistics), Temasek

Watch the presentations:

Download slides from NIO Capital's presentation here

About the speakers

Head, Mobility, Sustainable Energy Solutions
SP Group
Managing Director
Alton Aviation Consultancy
Managing Director, Global Head of Energy & Transport Transition, Real Estate & Private Markets
UBS Asset Management
Chief Group Public Affairs Officer & Member of Group Executive Board
Mahindra Group
Managing Director
NIO Capital

About the moderator

Harry Kim

Vice President, Investment (Mobility & Logistics)